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UN economic and social council


General Assembly: United Nations Economic and Social Council

Note: This committee is a dual-delegate committee.


Background guide and position paper guidelines/submission available now. Position papers are required for General Assembly committees. Please email position papers to


Welcome to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at GauchoMUN XV, a committee wielding influence over approximately 70% of the United Nations' human and financial resources. As established under the United Nations Charter, ECOSOC acts as the principal organ coordinating economic, social, and related efforts among the 14 UN specialized agencies, functional commissions, and five regional commissions. This committee, which receives reports from 11 UN funds and programs, serves as a pivotal forum for global discourse on economic and social matters. Get ready for a dynamic and engaging experience as we navigate the intricate landscape of international economic and social issues at GauchoMUN XV's ECOSOC.


Topic A: Developing regulations on the effects of growing advancements in genetic engineering
and biotechnology


Topic B: Impacts of genetically modified organisms on societies and livelihoods


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