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north atlantic
treaty organization


Specialized: North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1951

Background guide and position paper guidelines/submission available now. Position papers are not required for Specialized committees.

Enter a world on the brink, set just after the formation of NATO post-WW2. As nations grapple with the challenges of a turbulent era, delegates are thrust into the crucible of historical and fabricated events. The specter of the USSR and the formidable Warsaw Pact looms large, requiring strategic acumen to navigate crises, intervene in war, and deter threats to international security. NATO member states must allocate resources to maintain stability, and collaborate to find detailed diplomatic and coercive solutions to balance against the Warsaw Pact's might among other emerging threats. As this fledgling military alliance grapples with its inaugural challenges, the pressing question arises: Can they chart a course that avoids the pitfalls of history, steering clear of war, and forging a new path in the annals of global cooperation?


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