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Crisis: DUNE

Background guide and position paper guidelines/submission available now. Position papers are not required for Crisis committees.


It is the 11th millennium AG. The Padishah Emperor has transferred control of the desert planet Arrakis (also known as Dune) to the greatest of all the Houses of the Landsraad, House Atreides. Despite promises of stability and decency for this crucial world, many Houses are skeptical: of House Atreides' newfound power, the Emperor’s intentions, and where the Harkonnens, the previous semi-feudal, semi-corporate rulers of Dune, fit into the picture. In an unprecedented meeting, several representatives of prominent worlds have invited members of several intergalactic factions - including the mysterious Bene Gesserit and the all-important Spacing Guild - as well as citizens of Dune to a meeting of the High Council, which will decide the fate of Arrakis.


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