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Welcome to gauchomun xv

A Letter from the Secretary-General:

Esteemed delegates and advisors,


Welcome to GauchoMUN XV! My name is Sofia Little and I am excited to serve as Secretary-General for our 15th annual GauchoMUN conference, hosted by UC Santa Barbara Model United Nation. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us in beautiful sunny Santa Barbara, California this upcoming February! Our conference is exploring a wide and unique variety of topics this year (to be released in the coming weeks) and in doing so, we hope to encourage our delegates to become empathetic global citizens as they explore the issues affecting us today. As an experienced delegate myself, I always found that MUN was the perfect avenue to


learn more about the world around me, like a chance to peer into the window of someone else’s life. In the dozens of topics I’ve debated, I’ve found myself committed to causes I didn’t know existed, but felt impassioned enough to pursue even when the final gavel fell. It is my biggest goal that GauchoMUN promotes this same curiosity in each and every delegate, so that we can create a generation of empowered youth leaders ready to take on the tribulations that life throws at us.

Given the challenges of the past few years, we are committed to being as accessible as we can, and you can rest assured that we are taking all steps necessary to ensure a fun and safe weekend for our delegates. Furthermore, our conference aims to create an inclusive environment where delegates can uplift one another in their weekend of rigorous debate and diplomacy. We refuse to tolerate any forms of bigotry or discrimination and we encourage delegates and advisors to be forthright should they experience or witness such behavior. It is my goal as Secretary General and the goal of our team at large to create a weekend of unforgettable memories for our delegates and we will strive to achieve that goal in any way possible! We hope to encourage fruitful discussions and respectful debate this February. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Secretariat at whenever.
Our team is so excited to host you and has been working tirelessly to bring you the best ex
perience that we can. It is my absolute honor to serve in this position for GauchoMUN and I look forward to seeing you all this February.



Sofia Little


Gaucho Model United Nations Conference XV

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