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General Assembly: Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee

Background guide and position paper guidelines/submission available now. Position papers are required for General Assembly committees. Please email position papers to

Topic A: Accessibility for disabled people in developing countries.


Today, 15% of the population has some sort of disability. In the developing countries, there lack proper infrastructures and improvement in assistive technologies for the disabled that we currently see in industrialized countries. Without proper assistive devices, many disabled struggle to perform tasks, and face deeper discrimination in developing nations. Disabled people are more likely to be out of school and lack a job because of stereotypes and harsh language that still persist in the 21st century. This topic focus on the struggle the disabled face, such as in education and employment, and how the issue in developing nations is in dire need to help the community.

Topic B: Access to education in war-torn areas


Due to conflict and war, many schools are bombed and destroyed, worsening the educational system of the country. Thus being said, children are forced to stay home, and in many countries where war is occurring, there is a lack of technological structures to support mobile learning, thus hindering the education for the youth.  More than 240 million children are currently out of school because of war. And with this, over the last couple of years, there has been increased violence targeting schools, with 12,400 attacks from 2021 to 2022. It is imperative that as an international community that we find solutions to help students education when they reside in a war-torn area and are unable to escape.


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