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the napoleonic wars


Crisis: The Napoleonic Wars

Background guide and position paper guidelines/submission available now. Position papers are not required for Crisis committees.


In 1804, France had risen from the ashes of revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte ascended to his emperorship, leading to every nation in Europe to be consumed with a continent-wide war with the goal of stopping French expansion. While the battlefield was the most obvious aspect of the wars, it was diplomacy that was truly the most important aspect. Every nation in Europe worked behind the scenes to further its interests and grow its power to the best of its ability, while also cooperating in stopping Napoleon. This led to a rapidly changing series of alliances, treaties, and rivalries between the various states. Delegates in this committee will represent individuals from various countries and attempt to create the strongest, most powerful nation in Europe and pushing France back to its natural boundaries by the end of the Napoleonic Wars.


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